Xa11ytaire instructions

The Xa11ytaire game, available at Xa11ytaire at the Google Play Store, is an experimental solitaire game which explores how an efficient experience might be delivered for all players, regardless of how they interact with their devices.

This page describes the rules of the game, and includes notes on playing the game with the TalkBack screen reader. It’s hoped this page will be updated at some point to describe the experience when using the Voice Access and Switch Access features of Android.

Updates to the game are based on feedback from people using the game. For notes on the specific updates, visit the following: 

Notes on Version 8

Notes on Version 10


Rules of the Game

The Target Card Piles

The aim of the game is to build up four piles of cards, one for each of the suits of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. Each pile is to be built up in card value order, starting from the Ace and ending with the King. The four piles are built up at the right half of the top row of the app, and when the game starts there are four placeholders for the piles. The piles where the four suits are built up, are called the “target card piles”.

The Dealt Card Piles

Across the middle of the app are seven piles of dealt cards, labeled “Pile 1” to “Pile 7”. Each pile starts with one card face-up, and some number of cards face-down. The first pile contains no face-down cards, the second pile contains one face-down card, the third pile contains two face-down cards, and so on, up to the seventh pile which contains six face-down cards.

If the face-up card in a dealt card pile is an Ace, it can be moved to the matching suit’s empty target card pile. If the face-up card in a dealt card pile is something other than an Ace, but its value is one higher than the top-most card in a target card pile, then it can be moved to the target card pile. For example, if the top-most card in a target card pile is an Ace, then a Two can be moved to the target card pile. Or if the top-most card is a Two, then a Three can be moved to the target card pile.

To move a card, first select the card to be moved. Then select the element where the card is to be moved.

Cards can also be moved between the dealt card piles, by moving a card from one pile, over to be on top of a card in another pile. To move a card from one dealt card pile to another, the card being moved must have a value of one less than the card onto which it is being moved. The two cards must also be of a different color, where the Clubs and Spades card are black, and the Diamonds and Hearts cards are red.

For example, an 8 of Diamonds can be moved to be on top of a 9 of Spades. Or a 10 of Clubs can be moved to be on top of a Jack of Hearts.

When a card is moved away from a particular dealt card pile, if the card that is now the top-most card on that pile is face-down, it is automatically turned over to be face-up.

If when a card is moved from a dealt card pile, it has other face-up cards on top of it, those face-up cards will also be moved. For example, say a dealt card pile shows a 3 of Diamonds on a 4 of Clubs, and that 4 of Clubs is moved on to a 5 of Diamonds. The resulting pile will contain a 3 of Diamonds on a 4 of Clubs on a 5 of Diamonds.

Once all cards have been moved away from a dealt card pile, the pile will contain only an empty slot, and only a King can be placed onto an empty slot.

The Remaining Card Piles

Towards the top left of the game are the remaining cards. With 28 cards initially in the dealt card piles, there are 24 cards face-down in the remaining card stack. When the stack is invoked, the top 3 cards are turned over to be face-up, next to the remaining card stack. The top-most face-up card is enabled, and can be moved to the target card piles, or a dealt card pile, following the same rules as those described above for moving a card from a dealt card pile.

In the pile of upturned remaining cards, only the top 3 of those cards are shown at any time, and only the top of those 3 cards is interactable.

Once the remaining card stack is empty, invoking that element restacks the remaining card to be face-down again.


Available Actions

The following actions are available in the game.


The TalkBack Experience

All elements in the game have some unique identifying name. These names are listed below.


TalkBack Navigation

The TalkBack forward navigation is as follows:

Your Feedback

It's a goal to update the Xa11ytaire game based on players' feedback, in the hope of building the most efficient experience possible. If you have feedback, please contact me on Twitter, @gbarkerZ, or through e-mail, Barker@Herbi.org. I’ll try my best to update the app accordingly.


Known Issues